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1,095 Reasons To Reclaim Your Life & How To Do It Now

How long will you stand idle while they continue to do this to you? You've been patient and understanding for this long and where has it gotten you? The signs can no longer be ignored. You're heading for a meltdown. A complete spiritual, physical, … [Read more]

Doing The Crazy

"Having faith often means doing what others see as crazy" That is one of my favorite quotes from a short book titled Crazy Love. Read it. It's impossible to get through to the end without knowing exactly what you need to do. This quote is … [Read more]

The Cold Hard Truth About Transparency

Ah...Transparency. It’s been a buzz word for a while now. Everyone says they want more of it... But do they? Some marketers say your “tribe” wants to know the real you, not just the digital you, and that’s very a … [Read more]

Brace For The Glory

If we can be mentally traumatized in 30 seconds, why can't we be healed in an hour, day or even a week? Ask yourself. Think about everything in your life that's not going the way you wish it would -- your work, your relationships, your health, … [Read more]

Thoughts on Prayer and God from a Backslider

  I’m afraid prayer is something we don’t take seriously anymore... Myself included. Of course we’re VERY serious when we need something. When business is bad, we’re caught in a lie, bills are stacking up, etc. That’s when … [Read more]

The Missing Link To Getting Paid Every Time You Hit Publish (Interview with James Chartrand)

What if you could trasform into a writer who gets paid well for everything you write? Anyone can write (or blog) about something, but very few now how to make a living from it. Sadly, this is where most bloggers are at, and where most will … [Read more]